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in EN .. reassigning channel numbers

Dave Horne

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Hi, thanks for reading this in English, I can read and speak Dutch but prefer to write in English.

I have a Samsung UE55F9000 TV (from 2013) and have the new SEK3500 Evolution Kit.

Ziggo has their HD channels in the 900 range. I can't find a way to reassign their channel numbers. (I want 925 which is NPO1 to be 1, channel 926 to be 2, and so on.)

My Menu is in English ... and am well aware of Broadcasting ... Edit Channel ... Edit Favorites, but as far as I can see, there is no option to reassign channel numbers.

To be clear, the option to change the channel number exists, but it is grayed out, thus my posting here.

My work around was to create a Favorites and place all the 900 channels I want in one place, Favorites 1.

It would be nice to have NPO1 HD in channel location 1 instead of 925.

I should also add that the installation of the SEK 3500 went well. Also, the C+ card is in the SEK 3500; both the TV and the SEK 3500 have a Common Interface slot.

Thanks in advance ... Dave
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I've solved this problem and will pass on my solution.

I mentioned that I just bought and installed the SEK 3500 module for my F9000 Samsung TV. This SEK 3500 module allows me to view Netflix in UHD.

My previous module, the One Connect module, which came with the Samsung F9000 TV needed for me to choose UPC instead of Ziggo during one part of the setup.

Once I changed that one option to Ziggo channel 1 was NPO1 HD.

So, problem solved. Maybe someone else can benefit from this.

Dave Horne

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