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Samsung UHD SEK3500 Evolution Kit issue

Dave Horne

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Hi, thanks for reading this in English.

I have a Samsung UE55F9000 with the new SEK3500 Evolution Kit.

There seems to be an issue with trying to load the YouTube app, and this issue is only with YouTube. I can load Netflix, Pathé Thuis, and access YouTube via the browser, there just seems to be an issue with YouTube.

If this is a known issue, I'll wait for an update to fix this.

I'm just wondering if anyone else also has this issue.
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Just to let you know, I went and deleted the YouTube icon. I reinstalled the YouTube app and now it seems to be working.

I had problems last night with this and today.

It seems that this app remembers the previous settings when it's installed again.

There is an issue, but for now at least it seems to load and load quickly.

To be clear, this issue was only with the YouTube app.

Thanks again for the fast response ... and I'll hope that a future update resolves this issue (if there is in fact one).

Thank you!
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I'd like to add a few more points in this thread.

Just removing or deleting the YouTube icon wasn't the total solution. It worked once but not always.

I seemed to encounter issues with this app after I switched from a wireless to a wired connection. (Since I have an UHD subscription from Netflix I wanted the fastest connection to the TV and a cat 6 seemed better than wireless though the wireless connection is more than fast enough. I ran a cat 6 cable from the modem to the SEK3500.) For some reason the YouTube app had an issue with that. I tried switching bands (I have a two channel modem, and tried connecting the TV using the WPS PIN, bypassing the bands that I could have directly connected to.)

At the moment Smart Hub is a wireless connection and the YouTube app is working fine. I'm really not sure what the issue is but simply deleting that icon didn't always solve the issue. It might have something to do with the wired connection ... I don't know.

Just passin' this on.

At the moment I'd just like to know if others will report this same problem that seems to exist only with the YouTube app.
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Marvin, my success with being able to view YouTube on my F9000 and the SEK3500 was short lived.

I still receive the message that the YouTube channel won't load. Netflix, Pathé Thuis, and other apps that use the wireless connection work fine and load quickly.

There is an issue with YouTube, my UbeeEVW321B modem, and the SEK3500 Evolution Kit.

My question to you, do you know if Samsung follows these posts? Does Samsung Nederland ever stop by and state, 'Yes, we know there's a problem and it is currently being addressed' ?
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A follow up ... I contacted Samsung today, Saturday, online, and received an e-mail back from them.

They offered the following ... which did not work so I will contact them Monday and have them remotely take a look at my TV and SEK3500.

Here's what I received in that e-mail ...

Dear sir Horne,

Thank you for your e-mail regarding your UE55F9000SLXXN. I'm sorry to hear that the Youtube app on your television is not working properly. We are aware of the issue on this model. Most of the times the problem can be resolved by performing an Smart hub reset and a system reset. You can perform these steps by following the instructions below:

1. Smart Hub reset
Grab your remote control and go to menu -> Smart hub -> reset. ( your personal settings will be deleted after performing this reset )

2. Factory reset
Grab your remote control and go to menu -> support -> self diagnose -> reset.

The youtube app should be working again after performing these steps. However, If the problem is still not resolved, I suggest that you contact us to make a appointment for an Remote Management. With an Remote Management we can fix the issue by going into your television trough the internet. This service is completely free.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.
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I just got off the phone with a Samsung technician who did a Remote Management on my set.

They are aware of the problem though can't give any specific date as to when this will be resolved; this is being handled at the Samsung headquarters.

This technician will call me back this Friday since in the meantime he will have acquired new 'tools' to look at my set.

So, at the moment, it seems they're just collecting information to pass on to Samsung Headquarters.

I tried to get him to give a promise as to when this will be resolved and he wouldn't give me a timeline.

So, no news ... but they're aware of this issue. I asked what the issue was between YouTube and Samsung and he mentioned that YouTube uses API and Samsung uses Tizen and that's the source of the problem. (I had to Google the OS for Samsung, but I believe that was the technician mentioned.)

No news per se ... but I'm ever so slightly further along ... and I'm also not the only one with this issue.

I'll report back Friday if I've learned anything new.

Later ...
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Thanks for keeping us updated Dave!

Seems that they can not solve this issue just yet. Hopefully they can figure this out at the Samsung Headquarters. They cause of the problem the technician mentions seems plausible to me. Samsung television indeed use Tizen and maybe this is not best suitable for YouTube's API.

At least good to know that you are not the only one with this problem and it is not caused by a problem with your specific tv or settings. I look forward to your update on Friday!
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No one called me today between 12:00 and 16:00.

I called Samsung and was informed that an appointment for Remote Management for me had not been logged in.

I was told someone would contact me later in the evening.

It's 20:20 and no one has called.

I'll report back when I have some useful information.
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I just now got off the phone with the same Samsung technician who I initially spoke with. (He told me he was sick Friday and that was the reason I was not called back.)

He did a Remote Management on my TV and told me if I don't see an improvement within several weeks to contact Samsung and or do a USB firmware update of my TV (and not the SEK3500 Evolution Kit).

It looks as though a solution is right around the corner.

Worse case scenario, if Samsung doesn't fix this issue with a software fix in the background, I'll be forced to download and install the update via the TV's USB port.

At any rate, the information regarding my TV will be sent to South Korea to Samsung's headquarters.
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  • 2 weken later...
My issue with the YouTube app not loading was resolved tonight with the latest software update from Samsung.

My software update went from 1217 to 1412.

Problem solved ... Samsung was aware of this issue and finally came up with a fix.

Unless I have more issues, I probably won't return.

Just passing this information on ... all the best, Dave Horne
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